About Rainbow and it's servicesCounselling in the Bagshot, Surrey and surrounding area

enneagram diagramRainbow Counselling provides a strictly confidential psychotherapeutic counselling service to adults experiencing a range of problems and difficulties.

Counselling sessions are normally held weekly and are undertaken on a one to one basis.

In addition to a conventional counselling service, Rainbow now offers Enneagram personality profiling and spiritual direction.

The Enneagram, an ancient and accurate description of the nine types of personality, can provide a deeper insight into who we are and our hidden potential.

Regular spiritual direction provides an understanding of a higher power in life, leading to self-growth and personal development.

Rainbow's approachListening not giving advice

we listenAt Rainbow, we believe that counselling is based on listening - not on giving advice. Instead, we provide support and encouragement to those who want to find their own solutions.

Through a series of 50 minute sessions, clients gradually see their problem situation more clearly and explore new ways forward. Ultimately, clients learn to take responsibility for their own lives and make decisions.

Rainbow's approach is client-centred, which means that the subject matter raised during each session is entirely under the control of the person being helped.

The counsellor's role is to guide discussions and help the client see solutions that may not have been obvious before.

As there are usually no easy answers, conselling sessions may span many months.

Who is counselling forWe can counsel for a wide range of things

counselling for allCounselling can help people overcome a range of difficulties, such as:

  • Depression, anxiety or confusion
  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Problems with children or other family members
  • Bereavement or illness
  • Redundancy, retirement, other lifestyle changes
  • Stress
  • Marriage
  • Sexual abuse and violence

Counselling can also help people to understand themselves better and develop greater self awareness.